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Swiming Zonker

tied by The flyfool
Fly Type: Streamers,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: General Europe,
Imitation: General Baitfish,
Material List:
Hook: Any Straight-eye streamer hooks around #8 works fine
Thread: Doesn't matter
Body: White Crystal chenille or Ice dub
Ribbing: Copper wire
Wing: White zonker strips
Hackle: Fur from zonker strips (dubbing loop)
Head: MP Magic head
Tying Instructions: 1. Put on a MP Magic head and tie it in.

2. Tie in the copper wire in the end of the shank.

3. Tie in the Crystal chenille or make a dubbing loop and place some Ice dub in it and twist it.

4. Wind it foward to the hookeye. But leave some space for the fur hackle.

5. Tie in the zonker strip as back.

6. Tie down the back with the copper wire and tie it in behind the eye.

7. Now make a dubbing loop and place some fur from the zonker strips in it and twist it to a hackle.

8. Wind the hackle and finish the fly.
Presentation Tips: This is my favorite fly for Rainbow trout, Brown trout and Charr.

When I'm fishing this fly from a float tube I use two different methods.

Method Nr 1:
I use a Sinking line and trolling it behind the float tube. It's a great method to use when you don't know where the fish are.

Method Nr 2:
I use a floating line and throw out the fly, put the rod in my armpit and use booth hands when I'm taking home the fly. The fly swim just underneath the surface and create a wave wich often trigger the fish to strike. Real fun to see the fish following right behind your fly, ready to strike and then it just takes stop. That's when you should set the hook!

This fly also works in streams.

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