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LeBo's Red Dragon

tied by cleboflies
Fly Type: Dry,
Target Species: Freshwater Bass,
Recommended Region: Southwest US,
Imitation: Dragonflies,
Material List:
Hook: 1x Long #10, #12 Dry fly Hook of choice
Thread: Black, Brown 6/0, or 8/0
Tail: Red Yarn and Brown Marabou on bottom
Rib (Tail): Brown Thread
Rib (Body): Copper wire
Body: Mixed Red and Brown Dry Fly Dub of choice
Shellcase: Brown Marabou Feather
Wing: White or Grey Kip Tail
Eyes: Black Bead Chain
Head: Mixed Red and Brown Dubbing
Tying Instructions: Start Your thread on the hook. Tie in a small bunch of brown marabou twice the length of hte hook and then a small strand of red yar of equal length on top. Now proceed to wrap your thread up the tail, keeping the marabou on bottom, until you reach the last cent., and then work your way down. Now cut a clump of long kip tail fibers from the tail and tie it in at the center of the hook as you would a bead- chain, Figure eight style. Trim it on both sides till its even. Then tie in a strand of copper wire till it reaches the tail. Now tie in a brown Marabou feather by it's tips and then dub the body and wing area in figure eight motion. Bring the marabou feather over the bodyand tie in and trim waste ends. Wrap the rib over the body and under the wing and tie in. Nown tie in a pair of black bead chain and dub the head. Whip finish and apply head cement. The Fly is done!

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