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LeBo's Royal Pheasant

tied by cleboflies
Fly Type: Nymphs,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: Other,
Material List:
Hook: Scud or caddis pupa hook of choice, Size 12-16
Thread: Brown or Red, 8/0
Tail: Pheasant tail fibers
Body: Three sections of pheasant tail fibers and red floss
Rib: Copper wire, small
Thorax: Peacock herl
Shellcase: Pheasant tail fibers
Sides: Gold Krystal Flash
Collar: Peacock herl
Bead: Gold or copper
Tying Instructions:
Presentation Tips: Great searching pattern. It's my go to fly for new waters, and makes a good dropper. It looks a little goofy, but yet it works good.

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