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Salad Shrimp

tied by fishingbobnelson
Fly Type: Wet,
Target Species: Steelhead,
Recommended Region: Northwest US,
Imitation: Shrimp/Prawns,
Material List:
Hook: Mustad 36890 6-10
Thread: Orange
Tail: Orange dyed hackle barbules
Body: Medium Pink Chenille
Rib: Bkurnt Orange UNI-Floss
Hackle: Orange tied collar style
Underwing: Sparse Orange dyed bucktail
Overwing: White Calftail stacked
Tying Instructions: Cast on thread and tie in tail. Tie in floss then the chenille, wrap chenille forward leaving space for hackle and wing and tie off. Counter wrap floss for rib, tie off. tie in hackle and make 5 or 6 wraps and finish off. Stack a sparse amount of orange dyed bucktail and tie in with a few tight wraps, stack calftail and tie in on top of orange wing. Build a tapered head, whip finish and top with several coats of gloss head cement.

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