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Shrimp Head

tied by kirkdiet
Fly Type: Inverted Hook,
Target Species: Redfish,
Recommended Region: Other,
Imitation: Shrimp/Prawns,
Material List:
HOOK: Mustad 34007 or equiv. Size that you like. WEIGHT: 1/8" strip lead the length of hook shank then folded 2/3.
MANDIBLE/TAIL: Orange rabbit.
ANTENNA/WHISKERS: Black krystal flash 3 strands. UNDERBODY: Crystal Antron Chenille 6mm for size 2 and larger, 2mm for smaller than size 2 hook.
EYES: 3mm black beads on 20lb Hard Mason.
BODY/WING: Craft fur dubbing brush.
Tying Instructions: Tie in lead with thicker, doubled over part above hook point.
Tie in tuft of rabbit, wet extended part to make subsequent steps easier to keep hair from mixing in.
Tie in whiskers.
Tie in chenille.
Measure eye stems the length of hook gap and smash mason stem with smooth jaw pliers.
Tie in eyes over the mashed down mason stem a little up from chenille tie in point.
Make one or two wraps of the chenille around the hook bend between the rabbit mandible and stem tie in point, this will prop the eyes out from the hook in to place. You can add silicone legs here for added action if you want to.
Continue wrapping chenille forward and tie off leaving enough room to tie dubbing brush in. I'm leaving a little more space than usual to help with the photo illustrations.
Strip fibers from end of dubbing brush and tie down leaving some excess protrude forward over hook eye.
Fold protruding wire up and back over thread wraps and secure with thread wraps.
Pull brush taught around back of hook bend and forward over hook eye. Snip brush off slightly longer than the hook.
After stripping fibers from brush from the tie in point forward, pull brush taught and secure with several wraps of thread.
Fold excess wire back to lock in brush and trim excess and whip finish head.
Preen fibers out with a sturdy bodkin.
Trim excess fibers from sides.
Tease fibers back and up like a fan.
Trim a tapered body from the front to a point above hook point. This thins out the materials over the hook point, which facilitates hook setting.

Presentation Tips: Cast in front of and beyond sighted fish. Either let sink and retrieve in short strips or swim in water column with short strips to make fly dart around.

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