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tied by octopusshrimp
Fly Type: General Saltwater,
Target Species: Bonefish,
Recommended Region: Southeast US,
Imitation: Shrimp/Prawns,
Material List:
Hook-Mustad 3407DT #2,4,6
Tail Grey/Olive Craft Fur,Hareline Mini Round Grizzly Rubber Legs, and a small Teal Flank feather.
Eyes-Red Tipped Stem from a Plastic Brush from Wal-Mart
Body-Trimings from the base of a Grey/Olive Craft Fur Clump.
Over Body-Olive/Grey Craft Fur.
Weight-Medium Bead Chain

Tying Instructions: Mount the hook in the vice and pad the hook to point 1/3rd the way around the bend of the hook.

Tie in the Bead Chain Right behind the eye of the hook as you would for any fly of this style.

Tie in the Craft Fur Tail so it is the same length of the shank making sure you tie it in 1/3 down the hook bend.

Tie in the Round Rubber Legs long for antenna

Tie in a Teal Flank feather fold and take a few wraps and tie off.

Flatten the base of the eyes after they have been trimmed from the Brush so they will lay flat against the shank and tie them in so they extend half the length of the tail.

Cut a clump of Craft Fur at the base of the patch and cut of the but ends about a 1/4" putthe cut Craft Fur in a dubbing loop and form the body.

Make another Dubbing Loop and put the tips of the Craft Fur in the loop, spin iy up and make a couple turns right up to the Bead chain.

Tie off. Al fine

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