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LeBo's Mudcat

tied by cleboflies
Fly Type: Attractor Pattern,
Target Species: Freshwater Bass,
Recommended Region: Northwest US, Southeast US, Southwest US,
Imitation: Frogs,
Material List:
Hook: Streamer hook of choice, size6-2
Thread: Yellow 140 denier
Tail: Several olive saddle hackle feathers
Body: Olive arctic fox in dubbing loop
Body Hackle: Black saddle hackle, palmered through fox fur
Wing: Olive saddle hackle feathers and Green flashabou
Thorax: Olive Arctic fox in dubbing loop
Hackle: Black Saddle Folded over Thorax
Head: Yellow or olive Deer hair, Spun
Eyes: Craft Store google eyes, glued to head
Tying Instructions:
Presentation Tips:

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