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"South Side Johnny"

tied by octopusshrimp
Fly Type: General Saltwater,
Target Species: Sea Trout,
Recommended Region: Southeast US,
Imitation: Shrimp/Prawns,
Material List:
Hook-Partridge C54S Grey Shadow Shrimp #6
Thread-White Flat Waxed Nylon
White Arctic Fox (Rostrum)
Pearl Flashabou
Pearl Estaz
Shrimp Eyes
Mini Round Grizzly Rubber
0.5mm Stretch Magic
EP Shrimp Brush
White Razor Foam
Tying Instructions: Pad the hook to a point 1/4 the way around the bend of the hook and return the thread to the hook eye.

Tie in a small Clump of White Arctic Fox so the tips extend beyond the hook bend about 1/3"

Tie in Two Strands of Pearl Flashabou doubled over and leave long

Tie in Two strands of the Grizzly rubber for antenna

Tie in Pearl Estaz and take Three wraps in touching turns and tie off

Add the Shrimp Eyes so that they extend beyond the hook bend but slightly shorter than the Arctic fox Rostrum

Tie in the Stretch Magic Rib and the EP Shrimp Brush

Wind the Shrimp Brush in touching turns all the way to a point just short of the hook eye making sure you dont bind any fibers down and tie off

Cut a 1/4' Piece of white Foam long enough to reach slightly beyond the eyes and cut a rounded point to represent the rostrum and tie in at the hook eye

Wind the rib (0.5mm Stretch magic) Over the foam to create the segments and tie off at the hook eye
Whip finish Al. fine

Presentation Tips: Strip/Dead Drift

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