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Foam Housefly

tied by Jolly Red
Fly Type: Terrestrials & Midges,
Target Species: Panfish,
Recommended Region: Central US,
Material List:
Hook - any dry fly hook with 3/8" long shank
Theaed - 6/0 black
Foam - 1/4" strip of 2mmk foam about 1 1/2" long
Abdomen - small yellow chenille
Legs - Silicone
Wing - Clear swiss straw
Eye - Red acrylic paint
Tying Instructions: Wrap thread base to bend of hook. Tie in foam, then chenille. Wrap thread to midpoint of shank, then wrap chenille forward to midpoint of shank,tie off and trim. Wrap thread forward about 3 or 4 turns of thread, then tie in 3 strands of silicone leg material at that point. Tying the legs on top of the hook will cause them to bend down sharply when the foam is brought over them, tyed on the bottom of the hook they will not bend down as much. Up to you which way to go. After tying in the legs, bring the thread back to where the chenille is tied off, and bring the foam forward and tie in. Take the thread forward to about halfway between the legs and the eye of the hook, Bring the foam forward again to this point and tie in. Take the swiss straw strip and tie it in at its midpoint. Hold the strip at about a 45 degree angle on the near side of the hook, and use one loose thread wrap to pull the wing into the groove in the foam at the head. Then fold the strip around to the far side of the hook, position it to match the strip on the near side,pinch the wings to hold them in positon and take one more loose wrap of thread to hold them in the groove. Fold, spindle and mutilate the wings till they are where you want them, and tie down tightly. Bring the thread forward under the foam and whip finish at the eye of the hook.

Trim the foam strip about even with the front of the eye, and trim the sides of the head to the width of the eye. Thim the legs to the length you like, and the wings to just longer than the abdomen. If the wings stick up in the air, and you want them flat along the abdomen, use a very samll drop of superglue or Sally Hanson's under the base of the wing. Hold down a few seconds till the wing is secured. I use head cement on the exposed wraps of thread on the bottom of the hook to keep the panfish from chewing them up too quickly.

The eye is applied with a bit of bright red acrylic paint picked up with a dubbing needle and dabbed on the sides of the head to form a slightly elongated eye.
Presentation Tips: Cast to a likely looking spot and let sit, with an occasional twitch. If that doesn't work, try something else.

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Foam Housefly

Foam Housefly

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