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Crab flies / deer hair / Epoxy shrimp/crab eyes / Permit Flies / Polar Chenille / rabbit / Redfish flies / Saltwater flies / sightfishing / striped bass flies / tarpon flies / Blue Crab

tied by octopusshrimp
Fly Type: General Saltwater,
Target Species: Permit,
Recommended Region: Southeast US,
Imitation: Crabs,
Material List:
Hook-Eagle Claw 3/0
Thread-Fl. Orange Flat waxed Nylon
Mouth Parts-Fl. Orange Rabbit with Blue Polar chenille, fl Blue Estaz,and Blue Schlappen
Eyes-Epoxy Shrimp eyes
Claws-Light Blue Rabbit Strip
Body-Grey and Chartruese Deer body Hair ina dubbing Loop
shell-Dyed Green Pheasant Feather
Tying Instructions: 1)Pad the hook and bring the thread slightly down the shank and tie in the Rabbit, Polar chenille, and Blue Schlappen(Three Turns)
2)Tie in estax and take Two tight wraps
3)Tie in the eyes on each side of shank
4)Stack a small bunch of Grey deer hair and trim the butt ends even. Put it in a dubbing loop and spread it out but not to much.
5)Wrap the Looped deer and tie off
6)Tie in the claws on each side to a lenghth that you like
7)Stack some chartruese Deer hair and put it in a dubbing loop to make the body. You may have to do this Twice and bring to the hook eye leaving enough room to tie in Two Dyed Green Pheasant body feathers. whip and your done
Presentation Tips: Put it in the water and let it work for you!

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