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tied by octopusshrimp
Fly Type: Tube Fly,
Target Species: Steelhead,
Recommended Region: Northeast US,
Imitation: Leeches,
Material List:
Tube 40/40 Pro Flexi Tube
Weight-Strip of flat lead wrapped around tube
Thread-Black 6/0 Danvilles flymaster
Body-Rear 2/3 rds Maroon Ht Braid
Body-Front 1/3rd Steelie blue Ice dub in a dubbing loop
Wing-Cerise/Black Dos Tone Rabbit w/purple K-flash over
Legs-Two strands of Med. Round Rubber Fl. Orange
Collar#1-Black Schlappen Fluff
Collar#2-Kingfisher Blue Schlappen
Head-Black Premo Deer Hair in a dubbing loop
Cone-Weighted Chartruese
Tying Instructions: Mount the tube on the mandrel and wrap the tube with a thin strip of flat lead (Leave enough room at the front to put the cone on)
Tie in Maroon Flat Braid and wrap rear 2/3ds of body
Make a dubbing loop and put a nice clump of Steelie Blue ice dub in and spin it up for the front 1/3rd of the body
Tie on a strip of Dos Tone Rabbit w purple k-flash over
Tie on Two starnds of Fl. Orange Rubber Hackle on each side
Tie in Black Schlappen Hackle by the tip and make sure some of the fluff gets wrapped on.
Tie in a Kingfisher Blue Schlappen Hackle and take Five wraps
Make a dubbing loop for the Deer hair, spin it up and wrap the head
Tie off and add the Cone
Presentation Tips: Dead Drift,Swing,Strip

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