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Cream Carpet Fly

tied by P. G. Beckett
Fly Type: Miscellaneous,
Material List:
Hook-your choice
The color of the fly is your choice
Tail- two wide very webby hackles
Body- any material-your choice
Wings-Four hackles- two for each side
marabou and bucktail mixed
Dumbell Weight- flattened with a hammer
Head Finish-chamois and colored to go with the fly
Tying Instructions: Tie on the flattened dumbell first on the bottom of the hook(see added photo) and then the rest of the materials are then tied on similar to a Deciever in a horiztal fashion; making sure that two wing hackles protrude either side. the marabou and bucktail are tied directly in the middle facing the hook point
Presentation Tips: This fly works best in a short stop and go retrieve, causing it to undgerlate thru the water with a lot of action. A lift and fall retrieve will generate strikes also. It is a good "lively" attractor for many species and can be made many lenghts and colors.

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