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Bronze Prince

tied by horseshoe
Fly Type: Salmon Flies,
Target Species: General Salmon,
Recommended Region: Eastern Canada,
Imitation: ,
Material List:
#2 Black Traditional Salmon Hook
8/0 Dark Brown Uni Thread
Gold Lame Braid
Red SDNS silksheen dubbing
Red SDNS slik stainless steel thread
Bronze SDNS flat silk
Bronze SDNS silksheen dubbing
Cream SDNS silksheen dubbing
Red Saddle hackle
Brown hackle
6/0 Black Uni thread
Tying Instructions: - wrap on dk brown thread.
- Tie on gold lame and wrap thread ahead
-wrap lame twice around hook, tie down and snip off.
-wax thread and dub on red silksheen dub, about same width of lame wrap.
-Tie in red ss steel thread.
-Tie in bronze flat silk.
-wrap flat silk to mid point on hook.
-wax thread and dub on bronze silksheen dub half way before head space.
- wrap up the red ss steel thread, spacing evenly. tie down in place with a few wraps of thread and leave hanging. Placing out of way of next step.
- tie in both red and brown hackles by tip.
-wax thread and dub on cream silksheen dub up to where the head will begin.
- palmer the hackle wraps closely up to the thread. Tie down.
-carefully wrap red ss steel thread through hackles in order to help hold down hackles. Wrap red ss steel thread a few times on the edge of hackles to help hold them down pointing towards the rear of the hook.
-Tie down red ss steel thread with dk brown thread, whip finish and snip both threads off.
-Tie on black thread and form head. Carefull not to cover red band.
-brush or stroke hackles back towards the rear of hook.
-when satisfied, whip finish and cement head.Be carefull not to get any cement in the eye of hook.

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