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letumgo -

Hang in There Minnow

tied by P. G. Beckett
Fly Type: Crease,
Material List:
Hook: Kahle style wide gap (very Important)
Body: Flat fly foam,Cigarette filter,Chamois crease wrap
Wing and Beard Hackle: BOZO hair (krinkley)
Head: Chamois head wrap
Glue: E-6000 (made by GOOP)
Thread: 3/0
Color: Fabic paint to any shade or style you desire
Tying Instructions: Will post at a later date; due to needing templates for the cutting of the fly foam and head wrap. Intricately balanced to ride barely under the surface as I have photographed.
Presentation Tips: Use on any style of line, floating to deep sinking. The fly will always try to float slowly back to the surface when you stop the retreive. With a floating line it will dive dive to about 4-6 inches under the surface.It is an almost do all baitfish tie.

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