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Firey Brown Snatcher

tied by hillloch
Fly Type: Wet,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: General Europe,
Material List:
Peacock Herl
Firey Brown cock hackle
Firey Brown seals fur
Silver tinsel
Kamasan B100
Uni 8 Rusty Brown
Tying Instructions: Tie in thread at eye of hook. Wind thread the length of the body, catching in the tinsel rib on the way. Dub seals fur on thread and form a slightly tapered abdomen. Tie in cock hackle that has been stripped of half its barbs (right hand side). Palmer the hackle in wide open turns, catching it with the tinsel. Cut away waist hackle. Wind the tinsel forward, securing the hackle and ribbing the fly. Tie in tinsel. Cut away waist tinsel. Catch in peacock herl and wind thread to eye and back to peacock herl tie in point. Wind peacock herl to form thorax, wind thread in open turns through peacock herl to secure. Whip finish and varnish head.

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