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unthinkable unsinkable

tied by tatt
Fly Type: Dry,
Target Species: Trout,
Imitation: Caddis Flies,
Material List:
hook: dry fly 18-10
thread: tan
body: deer hair spun and trimmed
wing: packing tissue colored with sharpies then coated with flexament
hackle: coachman brown dry fly
Tying Instructions: start by coloring packing tissue with markers then coat both sides of paper with flexament after dry cut heart shaped wings large enough to extend beyond bend of hook about 1.5 shank length
mount hook and start thread
spin deer hair on hook about 2/3 shank
whip finish and trim hair into a small cigar shaped body
restart thread and tie in wing creating a tent over the body extending beyond hook bend
tie in hackle and wind generously to just behind eye of hook
tie off whip finish and trim
Presentation Tips: this fly can be dead drifted through heavy rapids slow moving pools or streaked across on the swing I have even had strikes on the retrieve it virtually is unsinkable and works as a good indicator for small size 16-24 nymphs when tied on a size 10 dry fly hook

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