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Jarrods Detached body Mayfly

tied by DryFlies4Life
Fly Type: Dry,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: Central US,
Imitation: Mayflies,
Material List:
Scud hook
Elk hair
Deer body hair
Polypropylene dubbing (color to match hatch)
suitable dry fly hackle (color to match hatch)
thread (gray or brown)
Tying Instructions: DETACHED BODY
place a needle in your vice. do not start thread on the needle, instead select about 3-8 elk hairs which distance from butts to tips is about the same as from the tip of a mayfly tail to the thorax. start thread over both the butts of the elk hair and the needle placing leaving a long thread tag. put about 5 wraps down then wrapping widely spaced wraps towards the tips bringing the tag with you to where the abdomen will end. put down three wraps then once again use widely spaced wraps an tie back to where you started, bringing the tag with you . whip finish and Tie off. The next step is difficult without a rotary vise. Polypropylene dubbing is long and stringy and can be dubbed with out thread. get your vise really spinning and start winding the dubbing on until you have a well tappered and realistic body. douse the body in head cement.

tie the detached body. pull on the tag to get the appropriate curve in the body. place down some dubbing and create a parachute hackle using your hackle and the deer hair. you can cut the deer hair post for a more stable fly, but the whole wing has a better silhouette for precise presentation. dub up to the eye of the hook and tie off. your done now.

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