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Duckydoty's Crawdad Part 1

tied by duckydoty
Fly Type: Inverted Hook,
Recommended Region: Central US,
Imitation: Crayfish,
Material List:
Mustad 37160 size 14
moose maine
small barbell mono eyes
brown and yellow cross stitching thread
size .20 lead wire
black and white grizzly barred hackle
brown partridge feathers
Tying Instructions: 1. With hook in vise, start by tying 4-6 strands of moose maine just above bend on hook pointing away from eye.
2. Now tie in mono eyes on under side of hook.
3. Just in front of mono eyes towards bend in hook, tie in three strands of brown cross stitching thread about 12 inches long(Each thread has 6 strands so you must separate 3 of them)
4. Make 4 wraps with brown strands in front of mono eyes then crisscross the brown over and under the eyes a couple of times
5. Tie in 3 strands of yellow cross stitching thead just behind mono eyes. (this is where the 3 brown should be now also
6. Tie in .20 thick lead wire about 8 inches.
7. Make several wraps with lead in a single layer from mono eyes toward eye of hook stopping where hook starts to straighten out.
8. Now wrap back towards mono eyes to form 2 layers of lead wire.
9. Cover and smooth lead wire by making several wraps with fly tying thread
10. Now the lead should be completely covered. Brown and yellow strands should be behind mono eyes towards eye of hook. Yellow strands should be to the farside of hook with brown strands closer to you. Take the yellow strands and lay them from the far side of the hook, up and over the top of the hook leaving a small loop. Take the brown strands and lay them over the yellow on the close side of the hook. Once the brown is over the yellow strands take the brown under the hook and up though the yellow loop that was left on the far side of the hook. Now pull tight.
11. make 3 more of these nots always laying yellow over the top and pulling brown from under the hook up and through the yellow loop.


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