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View Original Forum Topic Fish Skull "Alewife Intruder"

tied by octopusshrimp
Fly Type: Tube Fly,
Target Species: Steelhead,
Recommended Region: Northeast US,
Imitation: General Baitfish,
Material List:
Tube-40/40 Pro Flexi Tube
Weight-1/16" wide strip of flat lead around tube
Thread-6/0 Danvilles Fly Master
Rear Hackle-Sky Blue EP Anadromus Brush Three turns W/Three strands of 1/100 Micro Mirage Flashabou on each side and top
Body-Pearl Flat Braid
Hackle-UV Silver Polar Chenille Palmered over Body
Front Hackle Support-Sky Blue EP Anadromus Brush Thee turns W/Three strands of 1/100 Micro Mirage Flashabou on Each side and top
Front Intruder Hackle-Twelve strands of White Ostrich herl distibuted evenly 360 around tube (Three on each side,top, and bottom)
Wing-Peacock-SF (Steve Farar) blend tapered W/Herring back Krystal Flash over
Front Hackle-Natural Wood Duck Flank
Head-Medium Coppertone Fish Skull W/Red Eyes
Tying Instructions: Cut the junction portion of the tube to 1/2"-3/8" and mount it on the needle

Cut a 1/16" strip of flat lead and wrap it on the tube starting where the liner and junction meet moving forward (Aprox 15 turns then work back using the whole strip)

Start your thread where the junction and liner meet tying in the EP Anadromus Brush. Take Three turns. Add Three strands of the Mirage Flashabou double back to the sides and top

Tie in the UV Silver Polar Chennile then the Pearl flat braid

Cover the tube with the braid covering the lead wraps. Then Palmer the Silver Polar Chinelle 5 turns and tie off

Tie in the EP Anadromus Brush to the front where you ended the body and take Three turns tie off and add the Micro Mirage flashabou Three strands doubled back to the sides & top

Add 12 strands of Ostrich herl distributed evenly 360 around the Brush/tube

Taper a small bunch of Peacock blend SF blend and tie it in for the wing W/Herring back Krystal Flash over

Wrap the Wood Duck in front

Add the Fish Skull and Melt the tube as you would with any Cone/disk application

Presentation Tips: This fly is tied as an intruder adding the wing and fish skull to give it more of a baitfish profile. Swing/Strip

You can also add a sonic dish in place of the Fish Skull for a more traditional intruder style!

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