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Duckydoty's crawdad Part 2

tied by duckydoty
Fly Type: Inverted Hook,
Target Species: Panfish,
Recommended Region: Central US,
Imitation: Crayfish,
Material List:
Mustad 37160 size 14
moose maine
small barbell mono eyes
brown and yellow cross stitching thread
size .20 lead wire
black and white grizzly barred hackle
brown partridge feathers
Tying Instructions: You now have 4 knots after the eyes.
12. take one small brown partridge feather and tie it in just after the fourth crocheted knot on the far side of the hook

13. one more crocheted knot making sure the yellow goes up and over the partridge feather before looping over top of crawdad body, then brown over yellow then under body and pulled through yellow loop on other side. Pull tight

14. Tie in second partridge feather on near side of hook this time and repeat crocheted knot. Remember yellow over top of feather before looping over top of body

15. Time for grizzly barred hackle. Try to find one for a size 14-12 hook and tie in just behind last crocheted knot. Make several wraps till you reach area where lead stopped and tie off.

Continued in part 3

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