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The Sumo Stonefly

tied by DryFlies4Life
Fly Type: not available Nymphs,
Target Species: not available Trout,
Recommended Region: not available Western Canada,
Imitation: not available Stone Flies,
Material List:
Hook: curved nymph hook, sz 8
Thread: black
Weight: 0.25 lead
Tail: black goose biots
Body: brown/black rabbit or hare dubbing
Rib: brown monofilement
Wingcase: turkey or grouse slips
Legs: black biots

Tying Instructions: Step 1: Start thread, then dub a small ball of dubbing to split the biots.

Step 2: Tie a pair of biots in as the tail.

Step 3: Tie in the mono rib tying it down from the tail to just short of the eye. Then wrap lead over it.

Step 4: Secure lead with thread wraps then begin dubbing from tail forward to just past half the shank; be sure to make body big and beefy.

Step 5: Bring the mono rib up and secure.

Step 6: Tie in pair of biots as legs, dub a little, tie in wingcase pointing back, then place some more dubbing.

Step 7: Repeat step 6 once but do not dub area in front of wing case; instead tie another thinner quill slip pointing forward . Now dub a head and leave thread at second wingcase.

Step 8: Pull the quill slip pointing forward over the head then tie down and secure.
Presentation Tips: Big heavy fly. Good anchor nymph. Productive with both upstream and high stick presentations.

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