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Patriotic Popper

tied by Homer_in_AL
Fly Type: Poppers/Sliders,
Target Species: Freshwater Bass, Panfish,
Recommended Region: Southeast US,
Imitation: Frogs,
Material List:
1/0 Bent Bass Worm Hook
1" Foam Popper Body (self made)
Craft Fur in Red, White, and Blue
Thin strip packing foam
Blue Saddle Hackle
White rubber legs (colored w permanent marker)
Pearl Krystal Flash
30# test mono weed guard.
Danville's 3/0 white thread
Tying Instructions: Hardest part is creating popper body, using contact cement and three colors of foam, red, white and blue, 4 layers of r, w, & b to get 1" body.
Insert hook into vise
Attach thread
Cover entire shank, stopping at the bend of the hook.
Attach 30# piece of mono-filament fishing line as weed guard using tight wraps.
Attach 6 strands Pearl Krystal Flash to side of hook facing you, don't cut just yet.
Pull Krystal Flash tight, and find the middle, put a finger there and loop the strands around the finger back to the hook and attach on the opposite side of the hook. Cut the looped end to create single strands of Krystal Flash.
Cut three small bunches of craft hair, red, white and blue, attach each bundle covering 1/3 of the hook shank with each color.
Add two pieces of white rubber for legs in front of the craft hair.
Attach thin strip of packing foam, obtained from the foam bags they ship flat screen tv's in now days.
Palmer your blue saddle hackle and attach the tip just in front of the packing foam, wrapping to the back of the hook, and then wrapping your thread to the front of the hook
Using .15 lead wire cover back half of hook shank (this will have the popper sitting down, and create a good popping sound when twitched)up to where your craft hair bundles stop.
Wrap the piece of packing foam forward covering everything including the lead wire, and continue forward to where your thread awaits, tie off packing foam.
Bring thread back to where your craft fur is tied off, let it hang, and wrap your palmered hackle forward, about 3-4 wraps, then tie off and clip excess feathers, bring thread back to front of hook, and then whip finish and cut off thread.
Cover packing foam with Super Glue, ensuring all sides are coated, and before it dries, slide your popper body onto the hook and get all the way back to where you tied off the hackle.
Reattach thread to the small straight portion of hook that is below the bend. Bring your weed guard forward and tie it off where the thread is now attached. Once complete cut extra line, then whip finish and cut the thread.
Coat thread holding weed guard in either super glue or a good head cement, ensuring thread wraps are completely soaked, so weed guard will stay attached.
The last thing to do is take a red and blue permanent marker and mark the legs so they are red, white and blue too.
Once dry, go fish.
Presentation Tips: Well, it's a cast into lily pads, let sit, pop it...sit, pop, etc....reel in 4lb Largemouth bass.

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Patriotic Popper

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