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tied by funkeldunks
Fly Type: not available Epoxy, Inverted Hook, Weighted, General Saltwater,
Target Species: not available False Albacore, Mackerel (Spanish, King etc.), Redfish, Snook, Striped Bass, Tarpon, Weakfish,
Recommended Region: not available Southeast US,
Imitation: not available Squid,
Material List:
Pink marabou, pink/white silly legs, Black and white grizzly hackle, med size yellow led eyes,EZ body jumbo pearl, black 210 denier thread, Gamakatsu SL 11-3H 1/0,Loon UV thin clear epoxy, pink sharpie, .020 lead wire.
Tying Instructions: Thread base to bend in hook. The in grizzly hackle extending back a shank length past bend. Wrap pink marabou to evenly encircle grizzly hackle extending half the length of the hackle. Tie in silly legs on the outside of marabou slightly longer than marabou. Tie in lead eyes at base of marabou on the back of the shank closure style. Tie in lead wire, wrapping 3/4 the way to eye of hook, tie of lead. Cut a pieced of EZ body to shank length, tie on at end of the lead wire, extending over eye of hook. Use a drop of uv cement here to secure the lead and the EZ body to the shank. Push the EZ body back over the shank back to the eyes and tie of tightly at base of the eyes moving back toward the eye about an 8th in. Trim excess EZ body flush to thread wrap. Whip finish. Color EZ body with sharpie marker. Let dry, evenly coat from eyes to eye of the hook with uv cement. Allow to cure.
Presentation Tips: This pattern can be thrown out into the bait ball in open water and lightly "hopped" drawing strikes. It is a slow sinker that can also be fished in the flats. It can be dropped on to sand bottom near the edge of grass beds and bounced for trout and reds as well.

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