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Specjal Job Nymphs

tied by john adams
Fly Type: Nymphs,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: General Europe,
Imitation: Caddis Flies,
Material List:
Black head
Tying Instructions: Enjoy

Other Flies Tied by john adams

Bodi-Fleir Spiders

WQoven Nymph Killer

Woven soft wire nymph

Melolontha melolontha


Imitation fly ;-)

March Brown BL

Leather body nymph


Double Zonker.

Popper Green/Black

Cree Streamer.

Streamer Big Eye.

Caddis Case ...


Chenille Spiders...

Chenille Caterpillar .

WASP ...

Sea Streamer Tob 21

Partridge & Claret

Coachman JC .

Dragonfly Larve Wiggle

Squirmy Worms Jig Pink


Squirmy Worms -nymphs

Bettle j adams

Favorite Mayfly Patterns...

Favorite Mayfly Patterns

Br Yellow Nymph

SH Gryzzly Streamer .

MF Mallard Wings.

Chewee nymph.

Worms squirmy without thread.

Missionary Double Wings

Black Tiger

Rhithrogena - germanica - femelle

October Caddis Pupa .

Grayling Patina #17

PTN Flash Back

Vinyl Nymps.

Trout nymph.

Adams Female v

Two caterpillars

Wednesday dragonfly

Super Holo Nzmph

Muskart Ferry Nymph

Red Wings CDC Caddis

Red Spinner Fly.

Grizzly King Foam Fan Wing

Orange & Yellow Spider

Caddis j adams

Caddis Nymph Olive.

Caddis Nymph Fly.

PS Epoxy Streamer

Beaded Bugger ..

Grayling Killer Bug..

PTN x 3 v

Double Blue Zulu

Zonker in white helmet

Zonker in a red helmet

Coachman Short #16

Ribbed Tungsten Scud.

DCD & Straw Bibio

Grayling Killer Bug.

Dainty Damsel Fly


Double Bead Stonefly

Beetles Runners .

Moser Caddis.

Bloodworms - ochotka

Catgut Nymph vp 24

Rhyacophila Larva OE

Specjal Job Nymphs

MFN Nymphs

MF Swimming Nymphs.

Brown JC Mayfly

Epoxy Small Fish

Wet Catgut Nymph

SPMF Yellow Fan Wings

Three Baitfish

Tan Catgut Nymph

Mercury Caddis.

Peeping Caddis v 01

SPMF Fan Wings

Red Damselfly.

For grayling also

Egg Sucking Leech TF

Long Vehicle Streamer

Zonker Leech .

Zonker Leech .

Alevin streamer ..

Merry X'mas Everyone .

Three Moons

MH Perch Streamer.


Woven nymph wine/soft pink

Wasp Atraktor

Grayling nymphs.

Oakleaf Caterpillar

Tiger Beetle Bug

Evening streamer

Tippets Streamer

V2 Trout Zonker

Copper Wire Nymph

Ladybug Simple Real

Backtail Streamer

Spanflex Caddis

Chartreuse & Olive SH

Europea 22 variant

Warrantable jig

Sullivan Midge.

Caddisflies black

Caddia river emerger

Five Times Scud

SH Badger Streamer.

Emperor Dragonfly.

MF Yellow Extended Body

Green Larva Caddis.

Grey Nymph & Red Rib

MF French Fan Wings

Peacock Spider.

Black Zonker - SH.

SH - Perch .

Alevin - v.

Two Hackle Pheasant

Gold & Black Streamer .

Vladi Worm - v.

Cyril's Black Buzzer v.

Sculpin H-t Brown

Black SH Zonker .

Flagowiec Skull

Packed Caddis.


Spanflex Blooworm

Camel & White Streamer

Green Head Nymph

Green Head Nymph

Caddis in a stone cottage

Walking Caddis

Possum Monster Tube


Midge pupa.

Modern Shrimp

Two Heads For Grayling

Grey Dry Fly

Larva Lace Blood Worm

Caddis October Puff

CDC Emerger Impression

Midge Emerger's.

Red & Black Nymph.

Sea Fish

Sea Streamer .

Black Head Bloodworm

Two banana jigs

Five soft nymps.

Orange Midge Pupa.

BCH Streamer

Best#4 Streamer

Salty Mylar Head

G. Streamer

Crazy Diver

Pike-Perch Jig

Moblie Jig

Wormy Worms.

SBF Tube

Raccoon Dog Streamer.

Raccoon Dog Streamer

Cascade - v.

Orange Temple Dog v.

Pike Bunny .

Graylings Snack .

MH - Baitfish

Irresistible Grey Caddis.

Super Bunny Perch

Maxima Nymph.

Brown Mouse


French Partridge MF.

Impression Streamer

Winged Ant

MF Gosling v.

Sexy Caddis .

Reverse Foam Damsel

Shaggy ptn nymph

Grayling's appetizer.

Marabou appetizer streamer .

Chenille damsel nymph.

Mylar Head Streamer.

Muddler & Mallard Streamer

Orange Zonk S-F

Copper Fox Streamer.

Red & Black S-F

Gray Zonk S-F

Zonk Skull Fish

Brown Trout Flies

Midge Emerger.

Just Nymph.

Maraboo & Mylar Streamer.

Caddis Pupa Epoxy.

Scud Epoxy.

Circus Peanut V.

Green & Pink Scud

Hexagenia Nymph .

MJ Czech Inspiration

Three wiggler nymphs

Water Boatman Fly.

Five flexible nymphs

Four Vladi Worms

Double Streamer .

Vladi Worm - v.

October Caddis Emerger.

Deep Purple Jig.

Adult October Caddis.

Red Tag Jig.

Ceramic three nymphs

Grayling Nymph .

Mayfly Dun Spinner

Mayfly Dun Spinner.

Gray Drake Mayfly

Stonefly on the side

Stonefly Nymph.

Purple Nymph.

Killers at Home

Some Baitfish Streamer

Hare Ear & Double Hackle

Streamer From Hairdresser

Puff Midge

Squirrel & Claret .

Squirrel & Claret

Crazy Frog :-)

Damsel in Distress :-)

Green Bug Foam

Short Packed Caddis


Orange & PTN


May Fly Variation

White Killer v.

Rainbow Warrior Variation

PTN v-one

Greenwell Spider.

March Brown Spider.

Green Caddis Sedge Pupa

MF Beige & Brown

Pike Fly.

Adams Spent

Wolly Bugger - v.

Pale Olive Scud

Magic Head Burgundy

Three Bugs

Zonker Black & Claret

Sophy Baitfish

Zonker Alonso

Zonker Al

Streamer Stave

Streamer Comet v.

Zonker Zenek

Black Stimulator

Two Quady

Grey Wolly Bugger

Poor October Caddis

Broken Umbrella

Reddish Head Steamer

Hi Vis Parachute Midge

My Sedge

Damsel Olive

M&M Streamer

Sculpin Juha

My Caddis Larva

Streamer Felix

Streamer Wolf

My Caddis Case

My Sculpin

My Sculpin

Copper Triplets

F.Sawyer's Killer Bug

Three Silver Nymphs

Glass Caddis Larva

Blue Nymph

Chironomid et

Crayfish Jig.

Nymph of Two Heads

Red Tube .

Bucktail tube

Chapoma v.

Three nymphs

Pink Wire Nymph

Red Head - Nymph

Caddis Sili

Peeking from the house

Looking from the house

Caddis In The House

Red Buzzer

My Big Star

Mary In Jungle

Foam Stone

CDC Emerge

River Ghost

GHighlander v.

G.Highlander v.

Daddy with Foam

Dunt v.

Purple Dee W.

Mount Waddington

Waddington Dee

October Caddis

Next Ghost

Last Ghost

Pink Ghost

Ghost Town

May Fly

May Fly

Joergen's Devil v.

Clouser Minnow

Clouser Minnow

Natalii Tube

Orange Ghost

Alexandra v.

Black & Blue

Spirit Kola

Tadpole v.

Trota tube

J.S.Tube v.

May Fly v.


Pink Bore

Zoo Cougar v.

Highlander v.

Chenille Steamer

Dragon Nymph

Simple Shed v.

Mayfly Nymph


Adams Fly Tube

Reddish Nymph

Chartreuse & Orange

Fox & Claret

Foam & Cdc Caddis


R.T. Attack

Amber Glass Pupa

Amber Glass Pupa


Black Rabbit Zonker

Gree Favourite

May fly nymph

Deer Hair Mouse



Pink Chiro

May Fly Foam

Caddis Paraloop Olive

Red Tag GH

March Brown

Rusty Favoiute

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