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Baby trout by Toto®

tied by TotoMaster
Fly Type: Egg/Sac,
Imitation: Glass Minnows,
Material List:
Hook: Lightning strike # 14 for Scud SE5
Thread: 17/0 Trico
Ballast: Tungsten Body Plus S
Egg: Chenille orange
Body: Body Gummi .5 mm
Eyes: 3D resinated 3mm
Tying Instructions: SBS:
Presentation Tips: The time of birth of a trout, must be one of the most vulnerable moments of this beautiful fish. Being very awkward movements and carrying their yolk sac, can not do more than try to hide in the gravel of the fund or any item that backup sunk.
This stage so beautiful, is a tremendous opportunity for many predators that depend on this food to go about their lives, including their own parents. This presents us with a great fishing opportunity could be utilized to have a pattern of this style ...
To see if they like ...

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