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Kenduardo’s Sonic MircoMink Bait

tied by Flat Rock native
Fly Type: Streamers,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: Other,
Imitation: General Baitfish,
Material List:
Description Materials Remarks
Hook Gamakatsu-L10-2H #4 or equivalent 2xstrong standard nymph hook
Thread 6/0 dull or dark green, medium brightness
Bead Head Cabela’s Black Pearl, Walleye bead, size 4 mm (3/32nd inch)
Plastic disk collar 11/32nd inch, craft store, glue-on ruby/chrome, bead
-drilled with pin vise and small bit, drilled offset, not centered to raise the disk on top of hook shank and to avoid restricting the hook gap. Choice of many metal disks, plastic disks, sequins, etc., available to impart a water-pushing, popper or slider effect.
Tailing-under Green crystal flash or bright green flashabou 2-6 strands
Tailing-over White (Glow)poly yarn Polyolefin , fine fibers or floating hair or fibers of choice
Abdomen-rear Bright green tinsel with wire Or green hotwires or sink material of choice
Wing Brown Micro Mink strip-1/16th in.
Rear collar Pick a Large soft hackle, Bobwhite Quail Body feather with brown, black and white markings Choice of other brown, soft hackles, chickabou, marabou, etc., with fine quills/fibers or synthetic that holds some water
Front collar-optional 1 turn of brown micro mink
Stroked toward rear collar Many options similar to rear collar materials
Abdomen-thorax front Peacock herl, 4-6 strands, rope dubbed-using Don Ordes method, on fine wire recycled from electrical cords Many synthetics in peacock colors that hold some water or use a second plastic Walleye bead to impart a slow, sinking action

Tying Instructions: Step-by-step

X1. Select hook and de-barb.

X2. Place walleye bead at hook eye, place disk collar, take a few wraps of thread about a ¼ inch to the rear of both beads, then move both beads rearward enough to put a fine dab of CA Glue (zap-a-gap gell)and move walleye bead to abut hook eye. Repeat glue dab to rear of walleye bead the push the disk collar forward cementing the beads to the shank and each other. Wrap thread forward to build small dam to rear of disk collar.

X3. Wrap thread to hook bend and attach the tailing materials with a couple soft loops and then tighter loops. Tie in green tinsel material (or green wire, etc.,) and wrap thread forward about half way towards the front. Wrap tinsel or substitute forward to waiting thread and securely tie down. Wrap forward a few turns to set a base to tie on the mink strip so strip lays directly over the tailing materials. After securing the mink strip, wrap forward a few turns for a base to tie in the soft hackle feather.

X4 Tie in quail body feather tip first with shiny side facing up, then strip off the fibers of the side facing the tyer to create a belt and take 1 or 2 sparse turns of soft hackle and tie off. Tie in the strip of mink and take 1 full turn and tie off, smoothing guard hairs back.

X5 Tie the the peacock herl and fine wire, and form a dubbing rope –Ordes style- and take enough turns to abut the peacock against the rear of the disk collar, whip finish, and (optional)sparingly dab on head cement.

Presentation Tips: Kenduardo’s Sonic MircoMink Bait © has been used mostly in still water conditions; pattern is slow sinking- almost neutral buoyancy, will fish well on sinking tip or full sink lines; using very slow, stop-and-go retrieve, with some erratic quick twitches -to pulsate the water- has produced local cold water species (Rainbows, Brook, Browns, Makinaw, Splake) and various warm water species (yellow carp, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, bluegill, sunfish, walleye, yellow perch, black bullhead, black crappie) that feed on minnows, crayfish, large earth worms, or large invertebrates.

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Flat Rock native
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