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Kenduardo's Jelly Burble

tied by Flat Rock native
Fly Type: Poppers/Sliders,
Target Species: Freshwater Bass, Panfish, Peacock Bass, Pike, Trout,
Imitation: Frogs,
Material List:
Orange and Yellow


o Zap-A-Gap CA+ glue, in medium or thick formula

o Thread- Orange 6/0 Monocord or equivalent

o Plastic tube - from Q-Tip or equivalent - 1.25 inches

o 1 inch each, strands of light yellow and red poly yarn or equivalent

o Shiny Orange gel pen grip (1/2 of hollow, commercial sized grip) .75 inches long x .5 inch outside diameter; inside diameter is =/- 5/16th inch

o Yellow and/or orange hen hackles

o Yellow and/or orange marabou pieces

o Yellow-dyed mallard flank feather

o 6 inches of sky blue “Bead Party” stretch cord, 1mm thick; or equivalent rubber legs

o Dense foam plug – cut from flip flop or equivalent - ½ inch long, 3/8ths diameter

o Silver-Gold Jurassic Eyes or equivalent stick-on

o Orange junction tube ¼-3/8th inch

o Hook of choice (shown is #6 standard shank big-eye)

Tying Instructions: Available, but general popper construction, and (stage tie)build body by pulling foam plug from back to front leaving a lip of about 1/4th inch, then pull rest of way into hollow body after a dab of CA glue only on TOP of foam plug.
Presentation Tips: Fished on weight forward floating line with short strips; the cup face pushes a lot of water, with a loud noise with a big bubble. Target species; very large panfish, smallmouth, largemouth, pike or trout eating frogs; or and fresh or salt species taking large, top-water forage.

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Flat Rock native
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