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COMike - Beautiful FLY!!!! Love the head treatment...makes it pop!

Golden stone

tied by flygirl
Fly Type: General Freshwater,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: Northeast US,
Imitation: Stone Flies,
Material List:
Hook-Dai-Riki 270 #10
Bead- 1/8 gold
Thread - 6/0
Tail- Yellow Goose Biots
Underbody-Brown stretch floss
Body- Yellow vinyl rib
Wingcase- Pearl tinsel,Brown medallion sheet
Thorax- Yellow SLF dubbing
Legs- partridge

Tying Instructions: By choice , put bead on hook
Wrap thread down to bend of hook , make a small ball of thread & tie in Biots for the tail.
Bring thread up to bead & tie in stretch floss, wrap thread over floss back down to the bend of hook & back to halfway point.
Wrap Stretchfloss up to the halfway point & tie off with thread.
Tie in Vinyl ribbing at halfway point & wrap thread over ribbing back to the bend of hook & bring thread back up to halfway point.
Wrap Yellow ribbing up hook shank & tie off at halfway point.
Tie in Pearl tinsel, Medallion sheet strip.
Dub thorax with SLF dubbing.
Tie in Partidge feather, wrap 3 turns & tie off.
Pull Medallion sheet over Thorax creating a wingcase, spreading partridge feather to each side & tie off.
Bring Pearl tinsel over wingcase & whip finish.
Finish off fly with a small drop of UV Knot Sense placed on top of the wingcase.

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