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Crawdad (articulated shank)

tied by Istripbuggers
Fly Type: General Freshwater, General Saltwater,
Target Species: ,
Recommended Region: ,
Imitation: ,
Material List:
Uni thread 6/0 tan.
Senyo's articulated shank 1 5/8 inch, with any traditional bait hook trailer (in this case gamakatsu sz. 1 octopus)
Weight: gold bead chain
Mouth parts: dubbing ball, with dubbing of your choice followed by orange dyed gueniea wrapped.
Claws: two zonker strips super glued together for more rigidity. Colors are ginger and two tone peachy orange.
Eyes: monofilament burned so a glass bead ( glass seed bead from Walmart) can rest on it and super glue.
Ribbing: utc vinyl rib in nymph rust color.
Shell back: thin skin in mottled, with orange and red marker added last.
Dubbing: whatever floats your driftboat, I used a chocolate Antron, with cream opossum, some copper flash and probably a few other things..
The last photo is a shot of ingredients sans the dubbing (get creative!)
Tying Instructions: Tie in order.
Thanks to all you guys for all the inspiration, this website has really helped me come leaps and bounds!! Hope you enjoy
Presentation Tips: Dead drift or still water

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Crawdad (articulated shank)

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