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Squirrel Tail Craw

tied by Brian Myers
Fly Type: General Freshwater,
Target Species: Freshwater Bass,
Recommended Region: Northeast US,
Imitation: Crayfish,
Material List:
Hook: 3366 (shown but streamer hooks just as good in whatever size you want)
Brown, rust or orange thread
Rust or burnt orange dubbing of your choice
Brass dumbbell eye
Root beer cactus chenille
Root beer dyed hackle
Gold or copper Flashabou or H2O Flash (optional)
Fox squirrel tail

Tying Instructions: Tie a dumbbell eye just back from the bent of the hook and on top so it rides inverted.
Tie flash material so it protrudes rearward past the bent of the hook,in front and behind the dumbbell passing over it. ( I tie this in after the dumbbell eye since I use CA to help secure the eye and it will wick up the flash and ruin it)Use dubbing to cover the eye (figure eight it over and around the dumbbell). Tie in chenille and hackle forward of the eye and wrap chenille forward. Palmer hackle over the chenille making sure to leave yourself at least the width of the eye behind the eye free of any material. Flip hook over in vise so the point is now on top. Tie in 2 sections of squirrel tail to extend beyond the bend of the hook. You want to form a claw on either side of the bend with the butts of the squirrel tail hair forming a tail over eye of the hook ( you can clip the hair short to keep the eye clear if you are more comfortable with that as the tail does not seem to matter much to the fish) Whip finish and add head cement of your choice
Presentation Tips: Fish dead drift or with a crayfish hop anywhere you normally find crayfish. If the fly needs more weight you can just add lead or lead free wire under the chenille next time.

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Squirrel Tail Craw

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