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Morrish Mouse Varation

tied by flyguy638
Fly Type: Deer Hair,
Target Species: Freshwater Bass,
Recommended Region: Northwest US,
Imitation: Mice,
Material List:
Hook: Partridge Universal Predator
Weedguard:(optional) Mason's 20/30lb. Hard type leader.
Tail:Ultra Suede or Magnum Strip Shaved except last 1/2".
Back: Trimed 3mm foam.
Body: Cow Elk, tied in by a "Distribution Wrap", then top butt ends trimed short and bottom butts ends drawn down (to form belly)
Tying Instructions: Tie in order, Deer hair is tied in (tips back) on top with two loose turns, then pulling slowly so hair begins to torque around so hair is "distributed"around entire shank. trim top "butt ends" short and leave bottom "butt ends" long and draw them back and down for belly.Now pack hair and repeat process forward,using hair packer with each clump. Make last clump twice as big as previous one and trim top and bottom to your liking, then pull forward foam and half hitch it down or whip finish. Tie off weed guard.

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