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gurubugger - Cool design IMO - I like the skinny profile and the bead in the thorax - going to twist up a few - thanks!

BiColour Nymph

tied by Crackaig
Fly Type: Nymphs,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: General Europe,
Imitation: Mayflies,
Material List:
Hook: To match the natural anything from 8 long shank to 18 (this tying method doesn't work well much smaller.
Rib: Coloured copper wire (use some that is quite soft).
Abdomen and thorax. Yellow Pheasant Tail, or dubbing. The material is tied in after the rib but not wound until after the back is tied in.
Tail, Back and Thorax Cover. Natural Pheasant Tail (or any other dark feather fibre).

Tying Instructions: If you wish to weight the fly add the weight to the hook and secure with thread.

Start the thread at the head (one eye width back from the eye) run down to the start of the bend.

Tie in the rib and the abdomen material. I usually use colour removed and dyed pheasant tail in yellow.

Take the thread back to the thorax in touching turns.

Measure and tie in the back. Do this by holding the pheasant tail over the hook. Place the tips of the pheasant tail as far beyond the eye as you want the tails to extend behind the abdomen. Grip the bunch of fibres at the tail end of the abdomen. Then move this forward to immediately behind the eye. Pinch and loop the fibres to the top of the hook shank and tie down to the eye.

Wind the abdomen. Often I will continue this to form the thorax as well. The lump where you have tied in the back will make the thoracic lump.

If you want use a dubbed thorax stop the abdomen at the thorax and dub the thorax.

Whip finish and remove the thread.

Pull the back over the top of the fly and secure it with the rib. When the rib reaches the thorax for a couple of half hitches in the wire behind the thorax. Worry off the wire and secure with a drop of UV resin or C.A. glue.

In my example I have included a bead in the dubbed thorax. To do this tie in the back first dub a little behind the eye and whip finish before adding the bead. Place the bead re start the thread and continue as above. Once you have finished the abdomen whip finish and varnish the whip finish. DO NOT remove the thread. Add enough dubbing to make the rear half of the thorax, whip finish with the dubbed thread. Then remove the thread.
Presentation Tips: As for any other nymph. Very good fished below a dry fly.

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