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Hare's Ear /

Hare's Ear Variant

tied by chrisgriffin17
Fly Type: not available Nymphs,
Target Species: not available Trout,
Recommended Region: not available Southeast US,
Imitation: not available Mayflies, Stone Flies,
Material List:
Thread: 8/0 Brown
Tail/Back/Wingcase: Pheasant Tail
Abdomen: Light Hare's Mask
Thorax: Dark Hare's Mask
Rib: Gold wire

Tying Instructions: 1.Tie in lead a front 1/3 of hook leaving 1/8 inch space from eye.
2. Wind thread to bend in hook and tie in a group of pheasant tail.
3. Bend forward pheasant tail up and out of the way for now.
4. Wrap thread forward to lead.
5. Tie in gold wire, wrapping down to
6. Dub in Light Hare Mask winding forward and to lead.
7. Lay down pheasant tail and wrap 3 turns at lead.
8. Wind gold wire forward to lead a tie in, removing excess.
9. Dub in dark hare mask to eye.
10. Fold down and remaining pheasant tail and tie in.
11. Whip finish and use needle to pull phytoplankton dubbing.

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