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I.D. Olive Soft Hackle

tied by PondStalker
Fly Type: Wet,
Target Species: Panfish,
Recommended Region: Northwest US,
Imitation: Caddis Flies,
Material List:
Body Olive Ice Dubbing
Hackle Dyed Olive Partridge
Head Olive Glass Bead
Hook Size 14, 12, 10
Hook Type Tiemco 200r
Rib Copper Wire, Gold Wire, Or
Tail None
Tying Instructions: Tying Instructions
Using a Tiemco 200R style hook, or, similar style hook. Tied in sizes 10 -14. Begin by inserting a small olive colored glass bead on the hook and bringing it up to the eye of the hook. Make a few wraps with your thread behind the plastic bead to keep bead from sliding back on hook.
Move thread to rear of hook near barb. Tie in your wire rib.
At the point of barb on hook, form a dubbing loop with your thread. Place a small amount of Olive Ice Dubbing in your loop and twist or spin loop to form the dubbing noodle.
Wrap your dubbing noodle forward to 3/4 point on hook shank. Tie off and trim remainder of dubbing loop if necessary.
Size and tie in a Dyed Olive Partridge feather pointing rearward (wet fly) style. Wrap feather a couple of times and tie off. Move your thread to front of feather and make a wrap or two rearward with thread to further set the feather in a rearward style.
Now using the standard dubbing method (Non-Loop) apply a bit more Olive Ice Dubbing to your thread and wrap a few times in front of feather to area where bead sets on hook.
Whip Finish and have fun fishing this fun style of fly.

Presentation Tips: Fishing Instructions
Used on a floating line while stream fishing, on ponds for panfish, I prefer to use a floating line and longer leader or if the fish are down a few feet an Intermediate sinking line would do well.

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I.D. Olive Soft Hackle

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