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Fly Rod Spinnerbait

tied by woodpig
Fly Type: Streamers,
Target Species: Freshwater Bass,
Material List:
Hook: 3x-4x long streamer hook, bent 90 degrees, or factory jig hook of similar length, size 1/0-2
Thread: UTC 210 denier, yellow
Tail: chartreuse zonker strip
Body: yellow or chartreuse crystal chenille or estaz
Legs: silicone legs, fire tiger color scheme
Spinner armature: 25 lb. mono
Spinner: fly propeller
Bead: glass or plastic seed bead from craft store
Eyes: lead dumbbell eyes, chartreuse or red
Flash: Firetiger Flashabou
Tying Instructions: tie an overhand knot about 1/4" from the top of your monofilament spinner armature. slide on your propeller and then your seed bead. Melt the end of the mono right down to the bead to hold the bead and propeller in place and to let the propeller spin freely.
Presentation Tips: jig it up and down with long strips that will give the propeller a good spin with each strip. This will get the sili-legs flailing and the tail undulating...all that motion and noise should get a bass's attention. :)

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