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carpflyguy - Thanks John!

john adams - Very nice pattern .

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tied by carpflyguy
Fly Type: Miscellaneous,
Recommended Region: Southwest US,
Material List:
Hook (size 6-10) Packing Foam, Glue, Brown Paint Marker
Tying Instructions: Using a sharp knife, cut a piece of foam into a roughly cube-ular shape. This sort of foam is the type that is in a lot packages, to prevent the object from being damaged in shipping. It is NOT styrofoam (styrofoam crumbles and does not work). This sort of foam is more open celled.

Cut a slit in the bottom of the foam, where the hook shank will go. Make sure the hook shank will fit in it.

Glue the shank of the hook into the slit in the foam. Some sort of fast drying superglue is best.

Color the top of the foam with a brown marker (I found that "paint markers" worked the best. This acts as the crust of the bread, although it doesn't really have much of an effect to the fish.

You're done!
Presentation Tips: I made this fly for urban ponds where carp cruise near the surface. Although some won't touch a bread fly, they really do match the hatch in some urban ponds. The "hatch" is bread! No need to chum around your fly - they will hit this if you cast it 5 feet in front of a cruising carp.

There are other bread flies out there, but this one is pretty close to what real bread actually looks like, and will float all day. It only works when the carp are near the top. If they are deep, use a sinking pattern.

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