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Bi-Visable Mosquito

tied by fishingbobnelson
Fly Type: Dry,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: Northwest US,
Imitation: Mayflies,
Material List:
Hook: standard Dry Fly
Thread: Uni 8/0 Tan
Tail: Bronze Wood Duck Flank
Rear Hackle: Medium Dun
Front Hackle: Grizzly
Tying Instructions: Starting an eye length behind the eye build a layer of thread to the hook bend. Tie in a small bunch of Wood Duck Flank. Tie in one Medium Dun Hackle and wind the thread forward, leaving about one eye length of the first layer of thread showing. Wrap hackle forward in touching turns to point were thread stopped, tie off Dun Hackle. Tie in Grizzly Hackle make three to four touching turns and tie off. Build a head and whip finish

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