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In line popper

tied by flymanaj
Fly Type: Poppers/Sliders,
Target Species: Freshwater Bass,
Material List:
Tail: treble hook, saddle hackle, kristal flash
Skirt:saddle hackle
Legs: centipede legs
Body: craft foam marshmallow turned on a dremel
Eyes: 3d prizm eyes
Shaft: .024 steel shaft
Tying Instructions: Tying Instructions: DRess the hook with 6 saddle hackles(2 between each hook) and 9 strands of kristal flash(3 between each hook. Turn the body using a dremel as a lathe and a set of x-acto files. Paint and seal the body. Or have your very talented crankbait makin spin fisherman of a brother in law do it for you like i did. Thanks Big E Lures. Dress the rear of the shaft with saddle hackle palmer style.Cover the shaft with thread. Coat thread with epoxy or super glue. Insert shaft into the hole in the body left by the nail.(run a nail through the craft foam and insert it in the dremel) allow allotted time for curing. Tie it on. Cast it out. Hang on tight. Enjoy!
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