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tied by TIER
Fly Type: General Saltwater,
Target Species: General Bluewater,
Recommended Region: Alaska,
Imitation: General Baitfish,
Material List:
2 size 4 hooks
1 size 6 or 8 hook
gray thread
1/2 centimeter clamp-on weight
white hackle
silver or pearl flashabou
your choice of marabou
rabbit strip
head cement and/or super glue
fishing line
Tying Instructions: Start a thread base on a size 4 hook with a weight. Take some fishing line and tie it on to your next hook, then wrap the other end of the line onto the hook you made the thread base on. Finish and apply super glue or head cement. Now take your hook that you tied the line to, and make a thread base and repeat what I just wrote with the smaller hook. Go back to the first hook (the one with the weight) and wrap to near the bend of the hook. Wrap in the flashabou, the go to the front and about a half centimeter away from the weight wrap in more flashabou and push it to the bottom and wrap some more flashabou on top of it. Tie and wrap some hackle in. Finish and apply head cement or super glue. Clamp on the next hook and wrap to near the bend of the hook. Wrap some marabou in and do the same at the head. Finish and apply head cement. For the last hook wrap a rabbit strip in and finish.

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