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Rabbit Strip Helgrammite

tied by SmallieHunter
Fly Type: General Freshwater,
Target Species: Freshwater Bass,
Material List:
Tail: Black Rabbit Strip
Body: Black Chenille
Legs: Black Saddle Hackle
Wingcase: Black BugSkin
Head: Black Chenille overlayed with Black BugSkin
Pincers: 2 Black Goose Biots
Tying Instructions: 1. Tie in the rabbit strip I usually cut my rabbit strips about 1 times the length of hook shank
2. Wrap your weight(optional), coat the weight with head cement and thread to keep it secure
3. Tie in the black BugSkin upside down at the same spot where the rabbit strip was tied in. The BugSkin strip should be around 1/4 wide and a little longer than the hook shank
4. Tie in the chenille and the hackle(tip first) just above where you just tied in the BugSkin. Advance thread 2/3 up the hook shank
5. Wrap chenille 2/3 up the hook shank and use a few wraps of thread to hold secure
6. Advance hackle to the same point as the chenille and trim any excess
7. Bring the BugSkin over the chenille and hackle to form wingcase. Use a few tight wraps to secure
8. Advance the chenille to the hook eye and use a few wraps of thread to secure
9. Bring the extra BugSkin forward to build the head and I personally measure how much of the material I need and then trim before I tie it in.
10. Tie in two Black Goose Biots for pincers

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