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tied by OSD
Fly Type: Streamers,
Material List:
Hook - 6XL streamer hook size 10-4
Thread - Black 3/0
Tail - Red hackle fibers and frayed Mylar tubing
Under body - cut soda can
Body - Mylar tubing (silver)
Wing - Cross cut Rabbit (Zonker strip)
Hackle - Red saddle hackle

Tying Instructions: 1. form body by cutting soda can and folding it over hook shank to make nicely tapered minnow body
2. Cement folded soda can so it donít spin on hook shank (at this point you can weight the fly by placing lead wire in formed fly bodies belly) this is optional
3. Start thread at rear of hook shank behind formed body and tie in Red hackle fibers for tail.
4. Slide Mylar tubing over body and fray at tail then tie down leave frayed Mylar sticking out to also make tail. (as shown)
5. Tie in Cross cut Rabbit strip (Zonker strip) make sure to leave about a 1 1/2 inches behind hook shank also separate hair before tying down as not to trap hair.
6. Tie off thread and Cement then restart thread in front of body and tie down Mylar.
7. Tie in Red saddle hackle and wrap a couple times to form a nice collar tie off hackle and trim.
8. Tie down Zonker strip at head and wrap thread to form a nice head.(eyes optional) wipe finish and cement.

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