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Antron Bug(McPhail)

tied by Peaty Mann
Fly Type: Nymphs,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: General Europe,
Imitation: Caddis Flies,
Material List:
Hook Grub or Shrimp
Thread G.S.P
Sticky Back Lead Foil
Red Wire
White Antron
Pantone Pens

Tying Instructions: 1. Form a bug like shape using the lead foil then tye in your thread covering the lead foil.
2.Attach the tying thread behind the eye,flatten the thread and cover the lead foil with touching turns.Wind down the bend and back to the eye of the hook.
3.Catch in a lenth of Antron yarn on top of the hook and the wire rib on the side.
Attaching materials at the head and tying them down all the way back to the end of the hook this makes a much neater body.
4.Using a flattened thread,cover the yarn and wire all the way to the end of the fly and return the thread to the eye of the hook.
5.Flatten the yarn and wind forwards in slightly overlapping turns.Tie it in with a few turns of thread and trim off the exess-remember to half hitch your thread or whip finish,just to make sure
nothing can come springing out.
6.Rib the fly in open turns.Secure the wire with half a dozen turns of thread then twist or wiggle the wire to break it.Cover the end of the wire with thread,whip finish and trim the thread.
7.Before colouring the fly,paint the back only with a thin layer of super glue-I use brush-on Loctite from the brush.
Any good Superglue will do the same job
8.Once the main body is dry,colour the front few thorax segments with a darker pen-brown or black.Let the inkdry.Make the shellback with a thin layer of varnish.I use the bush that comes in the bottle and work from the back to the head of the fly. make the legs,invert the hook,and touch the surface of the body under the fly with very sharp blade.If your blade is really sharp it will cut enough fibres without any real cutting effort.For this step I use scalple blades,which are extremely
sharp and relatively cheap.
10.To free the ends of the cut fibres stroke the under-side of the fly with Velcro.

Presentation Tips: have fun

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