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Bead Thorax Nymph

tied by OSD
Fly Type: Nymphs,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: Northeast US,
Imitation: Mayflies,
Material List:
Hook - size 10 3906B Mustad
Black - Thead 6/0
Tail - Peacock sword tail barbles
Body - Rabbit dubbing
Ribbing - Micro lace (larva lace brand)
Thorax - dark Brown poly dubbing
Wing case - turkey feather segment
hackle - Dyed brown Grizzly saddle
Bead - the size that fits over the hook barb (brass colored Metal)

Tying Instructions: 1. Thread bead over hook and move it up to eye of hook
2. Start thread on hook
3. Tie in 3 burbles of peacock sword tail tips extending about inch past bend of hook for tail of nymph.
4. Tie in olive micro lace just in front of tail.
5. use rabbit or hair ear dubbing in natural or olive green for dubbing
6. dub thread and wrap abdomen of fly about 2/3 of hook shank (guard hairs are a plus)
7. Wrap lace forward over abdomen and tie off and trim at end of dubbed body
8. Tie in turkey quill segment for wing case on top of hook shank.
9. Tie in a grizzly or a dyed grizzly saddle hackle (tip down)
10. Use a dark brown dubbing for thorax ( I used a poly dubbing)
11. Dub thread with thorax dubbing make sure the thorax is bigger than the abdomen
12. move the bead back into the thorax area half way through the dubbing process
13. wrap hackle forward the hackle ( wrap on both sides of bead) tie off at eye of hook and trim excess hackle
14. bring turkey segment over the top of bead to form wing case
15. Wipe finish and cement.

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