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Super Hair Clouser

tied by Dble Haul
Fly Type: not available Inverted Hook, Weighted, General Saltwater,
Target Species: not available Bluefish, Bonito, False Albacore, Mackerel (Spanish, King etc.), Shad, Striped Bass, Weakfish,
Recommended Region: Northeast US,
Imitation: not available Anchovies, Bunker, General Baitfish, Glass Minnows, Herring, Sand Eels, Silversides,
Material List:
Hook: 1/0
Thread: Mono
Eyes: Dumbell Real Eyes
Belly: White Super Hair
Flash: Pearl Flashabou with a few strands of chartruese Super Hair
Wing: Grey Super Hair
Head: 5 minute epoxy
Tying Instructions: This is the famous clouser minnow tied with durable synthetic materials. The super hair tends to stand up much better to the dog-eat-dog world of saltwater fishing.

The second photo shows the same pattern type tied on a 3/0 hook and approximately 8 inches long. This size is good for drifting through rips.

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