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Leadeye bunny leech

tied by steven berry
Fly Type: Streamers,
Recommended Region: Central US,
Imitation: Leeches,
Material List:
HOOK: Size 4 3x streamer hook.
THREAD: Black 3/0.
TAIL: Black zonker strip tied as long as the hook shank or slightly larger.
UNDERBODY: (Optional) .035 lead wire.
BODY: Black zonker strip tied in near the tail and wrapped up the hook shank with (optional) a few strands of black or pearl krystal flash on each side of the head.
EYES: Lead dumbbell eyes.

Tying Instructions: 1.Tie in the tail.
2.Tie in the body, wrap it up the hook shank, tie it down, and trim excess.
3.Add the krystal flash if desired and attach the eyes.
4.Form a neat head, whip-finish, and add head cement.

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