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Squirrel's Nest

tied by Shoe
Fly Type: Wet,
Target Species: Trout,
Material List:
Hook: 9671 2X Size 10-14
Thread: Brown 6/0
Lead: .015
Body: Hare's mask dubbing (coarse)
Hackle: Squirrel belly fur (spun)
Tying Instructions: Start with a thread base and add 10-12 wraps of the lead wire toward the front 1/2 of the hook. Bring the thread to the rear and create a dubbing loop for the hare's mask. Bring it forward to about a 1/16" from the eye. Make another loop and with a generous amount of wax attach the belly fur about midway on the hair. Close the loop and spin into a brush. Wind the brush on to the fly while stroking it toward the rear of the fly. Whip finish and cement
Presentation Tips: This is a typical emerger/egglaying pattern. Once again fished wet.

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