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tied by paul whillock
Fly Type: Miscellaneous,
Recommended Region: Other,
Material List:
Chenille, Raffene, Tying thread, Monofilament, Japanese Nymph Legs.
Tying Instructions: This 'fly' is constructed in a similar manner to most of my other flies however; it proved to be quite tricky because the hooks point is actually the sting. To get around this problem the fly was tied basically onto an upside down hook, with about 9 mm of the hooks point being clamped into the jaws of my vise.

Once the main body and legs of the fly were completed, I then tied the ‘sting’ of the scorpion in hand and used small strips of chenille which were then bound with Raffene and coated with varnish.
To replicate the comb–like sensory organ (Pectine) found on the underside of a Scorpion, I stripped 2 large cream coloured Cock hackles along one edge, cut the hackle barbs to shape and then tied these underneath at the base of the Abdomen.

Presentation Tips: This scorpion currently sits on a wooden base coated with sand though will eventually be mounted in a Limited Edition book frame.

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