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LE Spent Midge

tied by leifehn
Fly Type: Terrestrials & Midges,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: Other,
Material List:
The Abdomen is a stem from a small feather. The Thorx is Stalcups superfine with foam over.
The Wings are Swiss Straw and the legs are bodyhair from moose.
Tying Instructions: You tie in the body on top of a short curved shank hook. Then tie in a small strip of 1 mm floating foam, pointing back over the Abdomen. Make a couple of slim wings from swiss straw with no, or very sparce, color. Crisscross tie them in ointing slightly backwards. Dub the thorax and make a dubbing loop near the abdomen. Take some hair from the body of a moose, or deer. Put it in the loop and twist. Wrap a few turns pushing the hair back and tie in. Push all hairs down under the hook and fold the slip och foam over thorax. Pull the "legs" to the sides and spread it out. Cut underneath if you cant get hold of all hairs. As an end to it all you tie in two feather tips from a small feather from an nature grey ostrich.
Presentation Tips: Use when the midges are on the water in the sundown in the late summer or fall, or when the midges are hatching in spring. Small pulls, just to get the fly move will hopefully get the fish to the fly instead of all the other midges on the surface.

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LE Spent Midge

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