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Kyle's Bead Fly

tied by Kyle Hand
Material List:
Tag: Oval Silver Tinsel, Blue, Orange and Tan floss
Tail: Amgold crest
Undertail: Turkey
Butt: Natural Gray Ostrich, handmade lampglass bead by Kristy Beil.
Body: In thirds; Rear third, Orange floss ribbed with oval blue tinsel, butted with one turn of oval silver tinsel and tan floss. Middle section: Blue, Burnt Orange and Blue dyed ostrich. Front section: Tan floss butted with one turn of oval silver tinsel. Orange floss ribbed with oval blue tinsel.
Throat: Kori Bustard thumb feathers, Jungle cock shoulder, John McLain's Indian Crow sub
Wing: Kori Bustard, Temminck Tragopan pheasant, some blue feathers from some small parrot or parakeet
Front Hackle: Kori Bustard
Head: Black thread with 3 coats black fingernail polish and two coats Hard as Hull.
Tying Instructions: Patience, patience, patience

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