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Dahlberg Diver

tied by dragonfly
Fly Type: Attractor Pattern,
Target Species: Pike,
Recommended Region: Other,
Material List:
Hook: TMC811S 1/0
Thread: Red Danvilles Plus
Tail: White rabbit skin cut into a 1/4" strip. With pearl flashabou
Top:Red Deer Hair
Bottom: White deer hair
Eyes: Spirit river Holographic eyes
Tying Instructions: Tie on weed guard is required. Cut a strip of rabbit and tie in at the hook bend. Tie in four+ pieces of pearl flashabou. Tie in two or three sections for a collar, alternate colors.""DO NOT SPIN"" this fly is a flared deer hair fly. Initially you will break a lot of thread.Alternate red top and white bottom.Keep the hair tight and the thread deep into the fly base.When you are ready to trim start with your scissors and switch to a double sided razor, new if possible,cut the bottom flat and slowly shave the excess until the desired shape is achieved. If you do happen to cut the thread, put a cople drops of Zap a gap on the bottom. This is a good Idea anyway to have a durable fly.After you have trimmed to your satisfaction glue on the eyes with a gel-like crazy stuff.
Good luck
Presentation Tips: Fish em in the weeds????

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